Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Peace, quiet and gravel

The traffic was a bit too hard yesterday, possibly because of all the Swedes returning home from the weekend's activities, so Christoffer drew an alternative route on the map. Kaisa's very much against making any kind of scribbles on the maps but had to agree that the back roads he found were a wonderful break from all the trucks and recreational vehicles giving us the creeps on the main roads.

We did find out that the maps we have are a bit uninformative in the sense that unpaved roads aren't that clearly marked, and ended up cycling something like 20 kilometers on gravel, but it was the good kind of gravel, hard-packed and steady under our tires. So if anyone's still concerned about our choice of bikes and our narrow tires, let it be known that about 1% of this trip has been on gravel and the rest on asphalt. So we're quite happy with our bikes (and the roads)!

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