Saturday, August 17, 2013

A room with a view (of a container)

We realized too late that we'd arrive in Copenhagen on a Friday, which meant that all the hostels were fully booked and the cheapest hotel rooms (6 kilometers away from the center) starting at around 110 euros, which was totally and completely above our budget, especially since we wanted to stay two nights.

So instead of calling our parents to ask for hotel money we decided to stick to our trustworthy green one-bedroom apartment and go to camping instead. Bellahøj camping isn't the most romantic campsite we've stayed at, with showers and bathrooms located in containers, but the price was just right. 

Kaisa's of course feeling slightly nervous about leaving our gear unguarded at the campsite while we go out to explore the town, but hoping that the same campsite honesty that we've experienced elsewhere will also work in Copenhagen.

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