Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A little bit of Vättern

There's a famous Swedish cycling event called Vättern runt where thousands and thousands of people cycle 200 + kilometers around a lake called Vättern. We've never dared take part in it because the distance just feels like too much to cycle in one day (and night) - and there's a shorter version called the girls' Vättern but Kaisa's pride would never permit her to enter that.

But today we got a small taste of the big lake, cycling about 80 kilometers on a road that roughly follows the shoreline. As you could expect on this year's trip there was a strong side/head wind blowing from the lake, but it was fun to see water after a couple of days cycling in pretty dry areas.

After hours of fighting the wind we reached the northern end of the lake and both agreed that we had gotten a sufficiently long sample of the famous cycling route and wouldn't need to come back for the rest. But we do admire the brave cyclist who complete the circle! 

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