Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2 x flat

We've had two flat tyres this far on this trip: Kaisa's back wheel on Monday and front wheel on Tuesday.

On Monday the back wheel said "pop" on Frankfurter Allee in Berlin in front of a bike store. We walked the bike in and had it set up with a new inner and outer tube in a few minutes.

Today the location wasn't quite as ideal as the flat occurred on a small forest road near Alt Ruppin, where bike stores are a slightly less common sight than in Berlin. However, Christoffer fixed it almost as fast as the bike shop and we could continue the two kilometers we had left to a campsite.

Kaisa's both old outer tyres were souvenirs from last year's trip to the Baltic countries, Poland and Ukraine and had thousands of kilometers under their belt. We have absolutety no reason to complain if the new ones will last as long!

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