Monday, August 19, 2013

Ferry no 3

We were three hours early for the ferry from Sjællands Odden to Aarhus - to get the lowest possible price the tickets had to be booked in advance which always is a drag on a bike trip. There's no way of really knowing how long it'll take you to ride to the harbor - it depends on the weather, the roads, whether you get a flat tire or not - so you either arrive way too early or ride like crazy trying to catch the ferry. A frustrating fact that had Kaisa stress about the timetable all day long.

But the lovely lady at the ticket counter took one look at our reservation number and changed our tickets to an earlier ferry. How this was possible with a low-rate online ticket we do not know. Kaisa quickly collected the boarding passes and we rode to a nearby cafe to wait for the boarding, afraid that if we stayed at the harbor the lady would change her mind.

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