Monday, August 19, 2013

Cycling in Copenhagen

In a city where 40 % of the commuters use a bike cycling is no joke. Dozens of cyclists follow each other, going swiftly in the same direction on the separate and clearly marked bike lanes.

There's definitely no fooling around here like in small Finnish towns where you're usually the only cyclist on the block and can improvise should the traffic lights or other details such as the direction of the street suit you. No, here you cycle like you were driving a car: always on the right side of the street, clearly marking your intentions to turn or stop and keeping a good pace.

And that's how it has to be if you're going to have hundreds (thousands!) of people on the streets simultaneously: commuting by bike has nothing to do with kids learning to ride a bike, retired people walking dogs and teenagers riding without hands. No, it's serious business and should also be taken seriously by the city planners, like the people in Copenhagen who have created green waves for bikes in busy morning traffic.

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