Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hjortkvarns livs

One thing we really like about cycling abroad are the small village shops selling basic groceries, local souvenirs and almost anything else. In Finland most people like to drive their big cars on big roads to big shopping malls and "hypermarkets" so most of the small shops have disappeared, but even the smallest Ukrainian village still has a shop (even if we've often hoped they would sell more fruit and less vodka).

This morning we had a very welcome breakfast break in Hjortkvarn, a small town with a big mill that still has a shop. The super friendly women sold us fresh baked bread for half the normal price, filled our water bottles and washed our travel plates that still had the remains of yesterday's granola on them. Then we sat in the sun in front of the shop and had breakfast until Christoffer fell asleep on the bench. One of those simple, unforgettable bike trip moments.

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