Monday, July 22, 2013


Though not quite as picturesque as the previous small villages we still found Kalevala to be worth a few photos. Like the green Lada Niva or the local cyclist rocking his Stels bike with well ventilated flip-flops on his feet. But we found the mural on what we figured out to be some form of military academy was a bit unnerving.

This was in one sense also where our trip ended. From here on we would hitch a ride back to the border, as our vacation days were running low. With so many roads left behind, it was a somewhat morose moment But knowing that they would still be there even after this journey made up for new and exciting plans – one day soon we would return!
In retrospect it feels like the fact that our trip was cut somewhat short (or shorter than we initially had envisioned) was a blessing – now we didn't become jaded or tired, which is always a risk on longer journeys. We had seen a lot and experienced even more, but still there remains a hunger to go back.

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