Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fast bikes and comfortable bikes

This being Germany we naturally see tons of cyclotourists all the time, their sturdy touring bikes loaded with rainproof bags. But a few cyclists have especially caught our eye.

These two men on recumbent bikes passed us at an intersection where we were trying to figure out which way to continue. They seemed to know where they were heading, and continued north under our envious eyes - at this point of the trip our butts are pretty sore and the thought of sitting on a comfy chair-like bike seems quite attractive.

On the ferry from Helsinki we met Finnish Mikko who was on his way to London to take part in a bike race from London to Istanbul. This is the kind of a race where the clock's constantly running so you need to be pretty quick when stopping for food and/or sleep. He was planning to cycle about 200 kilometers a day which to us sounds like quite a lot - but of course you look at bike travel from a different perspective when you're staying in a tent and cooking your own food. Good luck!

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