Monday, July 22, 2013

A ride home?

Curiously enough, it seems like a recurring theme on our trips is that the journey home is the most taxing. First we had our eyes on a train leaving at three in the afternoon. But for one reason or another there wasn't any room for our bikes. Our back up plan was to take the bus, leaving not much later. But as we met up with the driver, he promptly told us that there was no room four our bikes in the bus either. Consoling us that if we only waited for a few days there should be a bus that might have room for us.

So we again had to look for a train ride home. Admitting defeat we took the train to Oulu where we had fifteen minutes to change trains at midnight. From where we were to continue to Tampere for another change of trains at four in the morning.

This time however we had luck on our side, as the conductor told us that if we so wanted, we could stay on the same train until Helsinki. Which we graciously accepted!

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